If you’re looking for that extra boost that will protect your immune system, and have tried many natural alternatives, but haven’t had any luck, look no further! There’s one organism that will be the remedy to your problems: mushrooms. Mushrooms or fungi are composed of a matrix of compounds that can support our immune system vitals. For many years, medicinal mushrooms have been used across different cultures to help deal with colds and flu. When used with other strategies, they can help provide a source of supportive therapy, and make you feel like yourself again.

How The Immune System Fights Viral Infections

First, it’s necessary to understand that there are different types of bodily immune responses to illness: innate and adaptive immune systems.

Innate Immune Defence Systems

The innate immune system acts as our first line of defense against infection, which includes outer protection from pathogens. After a virus moves past it, our innate immune system works with its second line of defense – inflammatory cells or activated defense cells. As a result, there is an inflammatory reaction and blood circulation increases. Fever, chills, cough, and other respiratory or sinus symptoms are demonstrations of how the body’s innate immune system fights to protect itself and become healthy again. Interestingly enough, bioactive compounds in medicinal mushrooms stimulate the production and activity of key immune system cells, like Natural Killer cells, T cells, B cells, and macrophages, for example.

Adaptive Immune Defense Systems

If your innate immune system can’t fight off the infection, the adaptive immune system is the one who will come to your rescue; all while working together with the innate adaptive system. Even though this particular system takes longer to activate when there is an infection in the body, it can still provide a more precise response. The adaptive immune system is also very multifaceted. Depending on the place in the body where the infection occurs, it has several parts that react in multiple different ways.

How Does the Body Become Immune to a Pathogen?

The adaptive immune system is where immune defense to specific infections develops. The cells are capable of remembering what they’ve previously had contact with. As a result, they can eliminate the threat and the defense’s response can be quicker if the body is exposed to any threat again in the future. This is why you become immune to certain viruses after getting sick. Medicinal mushrooms help to increase the activity of several key immune system cells, and in doing so, can battle and defeat foreign invaders.

How Do Medicinal Mushrooms Stimulate & Modulate Immune System Cells & Processes?

Medicinal mushrooms are very beneficial for your body’s immune response by fortifying its natural defense processes. For a long time, medicinal mushrooms have been known to be effective immune system modulators and immune cell activators. These fungi have an impact on your body’s production through using Natural Killer cells, T cells, B cells, antibodies, macrophages, and cytokines. The immune system consists of these very cells, which help to fight off infection. Many studies illustrate that mushrooms can stimulate or suppress different anti-inflammatory and pro-inflammatory cytokines. Furthermore, immunomodulation is the ability of the body’s immune system to respond to any biological circumstances in the body. Scientific evidence also suggests the active compounds that mushrooms contain may play a role in influenza viral modulation. This is done by impeding the enzymes that viruses usually use for replication.

Mushrooms that can help to improve the condition of your innate and adaptive immune systems include the following: Reishi, Turkey Tail, Chaga, Shiitake, Cordyceps, and Maitake. Consume these fungi or reach out to us at rekemend if you would like to incorporate high-quality mushroom supplements into your diet. We make your health our priority and provide various kinds of supplements that are catered to your health’s needs. Boost your immune system by contacting us today!