A mushroom that resembles the mane of a white lion. Doesn’t that sound interesting? The Hieracium Erinaceus goes by many different names in different cultures. Whatever you choose to call it – yamabushitake, hedgehog mushroom, or houtou – you would be astounded by its therapeutic properties. 

The lion’s mane mushroom is said to have its roots in Chinese medicine and possess antioxidant, immunostimulant, and inflammatory properties. This adaptogen has several benefits and helps improve brain function, boost immune function and relieve mild symptoms of anxiety and depression, among other key benefits. 

The medicinal mushroom is made by nutraceutical manufacturers and can be found in certain dispensaries across Canada. The medicinal supplement is generally suggested to people suffering from deteriorated cognitive function due to old age. Lion’s Mane Mushroom powder is shown to help people with memory and recall issues. 

Memory Loss Due to Old Age

Our brain’s capacity to process things slows down as we age. Ageing is accompanied by symptoms such as memory loss and having trouble concentrating. This is attributed to damage caused to brain cells and also the shrinking of neurons in the nervous system.

Lion’s mane mushroom powder is said to improve brain health. Studies on animals show that mushrooms help create two proteins that help produce new cells and restore existing ones. 

Brain-derived neurotrophic factor and nerve growth factor are the two such compounds that stimulate brain function. The NGF has a role in producing myelin, which is the sheath that surrounds the nerve cells and helps neurons do their job. On the other hand, BDNF is said to increase brain plasticity and aid neurons in being resilient to stress. 

Mild Cases of Depression and Anxiety

Depression and anxiety are a growing concern among people across the world. It is said that nearly a third of people living in developed countries experience anxiety and depression. According to studies, chronic inflammation might be a big factor causing these conditions.  

According to research, lion’s mane mushroom powder, with its anti-inflammatory properties, was shown to reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression among rodents.

Other studies on animals have shown that the mushroom can help regenerate brain cells and improve the hippocampus’s functioning, responsible for learning and memory activities. The improved performance in the hippocampus region could explain the lowering of anxiety and depressive behaviours in mice, the studies indicate.  

A study conducted on menopausal women who ate sweets infused with lion’s mane mushroom reported a lower rate of anxiety and irritation. 

Boosting Immunity

Having a strong immune system shields the body from viruses, bacteria and other ailments. A compromised immune system increases the risk of contracting an infectious disease. 

Research on animals has shown that lion’s mane mushroom improves intestinal immunity and protects the body from harmful pathogens that enter through the nose, mouth or gut. This has been attributed to changes in the gut bacteria that boost the immune system.

Improve Mood and Focus

Research has shown that lion’s mane mushroom powder can help lift people’s mood and focus due to increased blood flow. This leads to more oxygen to the brain, contributing to higher brain function. Also, the antioxidants in lion’s mane could contribute towards learning and memory. 

A group of 30 women were given the turkey tail mushroom supplement for a period of four weeks. The study included a control group and a test group. At the end of one month, the women in the test group reported an improvement in mood. 

While there have not been extensive clinical trials of lion’s mane mushrooms conducted on humans, existing studies add to the growing research that suggests that alternative treatments can lead to feeling more balanced.

Help Reduce Stress and Inflammation

Inflammation and stress are major factors that lead to debilitating conditions in people today. Lion’s mane mushroom powder is said to possess anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that may help reduce the effect of stress and inflammation. 

Moreover, the supplement may also lead to reducing some of the risks associated with obesity. This is done by lowering inflammation caused by fat tissue. 

How to Prepare Lion’s Mane Mushroom

If you’re not a big fan of earthy flavours, then you might want to consider taking the mushroom immune supplement with one of your daily foods. Since lion’s mane mushroom has a fishy flavour, you can add the nutraceutical product to your meals. Owing to its distinct taste, the mushroom immune supplement does not go well with coffee. 

Lion’s mane mushroom powder is shown to have several health benefits and is seen as an alternative treatment to modern-day health problems. Those looking to try the supplement need to consult with professional health experts.