Vitamins and Supplements

MEND You formula contains compounds that help modulate the immune system, counter-balance stress on the body, and support detoxification processes, all of which are vital to supporting healthy body and mind balance.

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MEND Viral Defense

Immunity Booster

MEND Defense supports a healthy immune response and increases your immune system, amps up your mental and creative acuity, supports blood sugar in the healthy range, aids in healthy stress response,improves sleep, and aids in general physical and mental health. The functional mushrooms contained in MEND viral defense support healthy immune function.Read moreRead less

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MEND Skinny

Superfood Appetite Suppressant

Functional mushrooms are certain species of fungi that are highly nutritious and dense in bioactive compounds. Preclinical studies have demonstrated that regular consumption of the mushrooms found in MEND Skinny support a healthy cardiovascular system, support immune function and aid in healthy weight management.Read moreRead less

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MEND Bundle

Buy More, Save More

Our functional mushroom complex offers significant vital health benefits, including healthy immune function, weight management and cardiac health support. Try all three. Cover yourself for mushroom-charged immune response, well-being, and weight management! Read moreRead less

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