What is a Chaga Mushroom?

Chaga mushrooms are a member of the fungus family. Chaga mushrooms, in particular, grow on birch trees in cold climates in the northern hemisphere. In traditional medicine, the mushrooms are harvested powdered and steeped as tea. You can now find the mushroom powder in Rekemend’s “MEND you” blend. In the wild, these mushrooms appear black on the outside, but when opened, reveal the colourful insides. 


Chaga mushrooms are extremely high in antioxidants, fibre, and low in calories.


Some antioxidants are naturally produced in the body to fight off free radicals. Free radicals are also naturally produced in the body and are necessary to help fight infection, but too many are detrimental to your health. If not kept under control, they will cause permanent damage to your body via DNA mutation and even death. Lifestyle choices and habits like smoking, alcohol drinking, and air pollution all provide the perfect breeding ground for free radicals. In addition to natural production, we get a lot of our antioxidants from whole foods like berries and other vitamin C and E rich foods in our diet. Chaga mushrooms are an excellent source and with a daily dose, you can be sure that those free radicals are being kept at bay.

Lower cholesterol

Recent research shows that the antioxidant properties of Chaga can help lower high cholesterol levels in the body. Lower cholesterol is associated with a lower risk of heart disease in adults.


Because Chaga contains high levels of fibre, the mushroom can help maintain gut and intestinal health. Because the stomach and intestines are where a lot of your body makes its neurochemicals. Better gut health improves mood, memory, learning, and mental process.


Consuming Chaga can increase your body’s ability to fight off viral and bacterial infections with its natural antibacterial and antiviral composition. Chaga also stimulates cytokines which in turn increases the number of infections fighting white blood cells.

Side effects

Chaga is not recommended for people who have low blood sugar or take diabetic insulin as Chaga may naturally lower your blood sugar even further.

If you are on blood thinners, be mindful of taking Chaga as well, as it can prevent clotting.

Thirdly anyone with autoimmune conditions should be careful with their consumption as your condition may worsen due to increased activity in the immune system.

Finally, because Chaga has a high number of oxalates, too much can cause kidney issues. If that is something you already struggle with, potentially avoid Chaga. 

How to consume Chaga Mushrooms

Most times, Chaga mushrooms are not eaten on their own as they are quite bitter. Instead, they are drunk as tea or taken by capsules. It is important to follow recommended dosages to prevent developing any side effects; remember Chaga is very powerful. Rekemend is a leading nutraceutical supplier and has expertly formulated Chaga into our “MEND you” mushroom immune support capsules along with powdered Reishi, Cordyceps, Lion’s Mane, and King Trumpet mushrooms.