Functional mushrooms are a great source of a number of vital nutrients. They can help stabilize blood sugar, improve mood, and even boost your immunity. So how can you consume all these benefits each day?

Use Mushroom Powder

There are so many benefits of unique functional mushrooms like Chaga, reishi, and cordyceps, but incorporating mushrooms into your diet daily can be difficult. First off, getting your hands on such a wide range of these mushrooms will be difficult and expensive. Mushroom powder offers a tasty, compact, affordable, and easy alternative to eating adaptogenic mushrooms.

What Does Mushroom Powder Taste Like?

Mushroom powder might taste similar to how you would expect it to. A little bit earthy, very well rounded, but not salty.

How To Use Mushroom Powder

Adding mushroom powder might not be as difficult as you would assume. It can be incorporated in a lot of very easy ways. This way, you can get your daily nutrients without even having to think about it!

Add to food dishes

Mushroom powder is the perfect addition to breakfast eggs or included in a stirfry. It adds a unique flavour that pairs really well with a variety of other dishes. Because it isn’t salty, it won’t overpower the taste of the dish as a whole.

Add to smoothies

You can easily blend mushroom powder into your smoothies for a boost of flavour. Add sweet ingredients like strawberries and bananas, greens like spinach and kale, along with a handful of nuts and your mushroom powder for a great-tasting nutrient-packed breakfast drink.

Add to coffee

Adding mushroom powders to coffee and hot chocolate is the perfect way to take your supplement. Chaga mushroom powder pairs exceptionally well with the slightly bitter taste of coffee and offers a full body flavour to your favourite cup of hot chocolate.

Where To Buy Mushroom Powder

You can find mushroom powder in supplements from rekemend. rekemend products come in capsule form but each capsule can be opened and the mushroom powder can be added to just about anything. Check out the three unique mushroom blends offered online and pick the right one for you. The MEND You bundle includes Chaga mushroom powder along with reishi mushroom powder. MEND viral defence boosts immunity with help from lion’s mane and maitake mushroom powder. Finally, MEND skinny helps control appetite with help from capsimax and cordycep powder. Why not try all three with the MEND bundle!